The Scorecard

The Scorecard

The goal of the Scorecard is to provide a fair appraisal of any given sales organization and its ability to execute the commercial strategy it has defined for itself. Its objective is to better understand issues already identified whilst drawing attention to unknown ones hindering sales performance. It can also offer tremendeous value for Private Equity firms, as soon as a transaction is complete, for them to know from Day 1 where they really stand.

This tool provides a 360° diagnosis of the sales organization and practice, from both quantitative and qualitative angles. The Scorecard is a list of 460 questions at the destination of the Head of Sales and CEO, and organized around four pillars:

  • the alignment of the Executive Team
  • the robustness of the plan
  • the extended structure in place i.e. Sales, Account Management, Presales, Inside Sales, Sales Ops / Support, Marketing
  • the processes in place to monitor and drive i.e. forecasts, global account planning and customer satisfaction.

The ouput of the Salesmetry Scorecard is made of 1700 data points, quantitaive and qualitative, summarized into 12 self-explicit diagrams.

This exercise typically runs over one one full day. Within 48 to 72 hours, the findings are ready to be shared and highlight what can be improved to rapidily impact the revenue and forecasting accuracy. Priorities can be easily set and action plan defined: in-depth audit, organisational changes, definition of a more performing Sales Operating Model and associated steps, pipeline and forecast monitoring, implementation of new processes and/or tools, training, coaching etc…

Salesmetry can take a leading role in defining and carrying out the suggested recommandations.


Try the free version of the Salesmetry Scorecard here.


The Salesmetry service offering


The Scorecard

Plenty of questions, around 1700 data points automatically generated, all summarised in 12 graphs, offer you a 360° view on the effectiveness of your sales execution, key points that need to be addressed (you probably know some of them already) and an initial approach to solutions with the aim of rapidly improving performance.

Sylvain Thieullent, CEO, Horizon Software

" Salesmetry’s scorecard has allowed us to revisit our processes, tools and resources in order to better align our strategy with the current market challenges."

Audit & Action Plan

Once the Scorecard has identified the points that require special attention, a more in-depth audit can be réalisé́d. This is followed by detailed and prioritised recommendations and proposals for change. Implementation can be carried out with the help of Salesmetry and its partners, on your own or by combining our resources.

Abdeslam Koulouh, CEO AK Group

" Salesmetry helped the AK Group to implement a coherent growth strategy by associating each of its subsidiaries and working on the group's digital image."

Pipeline & Forecasts

Independent or in addition to an existing CRM, the Salesmetry Dashboard is a unique tool offering analytical pipeline management and providing accurate forecasts. Built on totally objective criteria, it allows seamless comparison between opportunities whilst providing true-added value to sales teams and the entire organisation.

Quentin Dampierre, GM, TopChrono

" Salesmetry has been instrumental in the definition of our sales methodology allowing us to have a clear, objective and real time view of our sales pipeline whilst providing accurate forecasting."

Inflation Management

Knowing how to effectively pass on price increases has rapidly become essential in a context of high and lasting inflation, and supply chain disruption.
Salesmetry will work with you to set up the appropriate methodology and training for your sales organisation!

Philippe Bax, Sales Director, Diana Pet Food

" Salesmetry's structured approach to the questionnaire allowed me to quickly identify areas for improvement in my sales organisation."

Strategic Accounts

Salesmetry has developed a comprehensive key account management consulting training programme for sales executives responsible for single and multi-brand key accounts. During those sessions, the account managers will build what will become the final strategic plan and learn how to use as a living document.

Thierry Rabu, CEO, Qualipac

" The Key account management training for our European, North and South American and Asian sales teams has enabled us to share our growth strategy and strengthen the partnership with our largest customers."

Sales Methodology

As the health crisis has transformed the way we interact, adapting sales methodologies to the new environment is anything but an option. Salesmetry has helped a number of organisations assess what is the right methodology, what are the required actions for each step and how objective qualification is achieved.

Bruno Neveu, CEO, TopChrono

" Salesmetry's approach to methodology, involving and training our sales team at an early stage, has enabled us to implement a sales process that is perfectly adapted to our specific needs."